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Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews *Contains spoilers!*

The end of Magic Strikes was gripping (for me at least) Kate is waiting for Curran to show up as she’s cooked a meal for him and is waiting for him naked, which plays a big part to the whole mating ritual. However, Kate waits and waits and waits... and Curran just doesn’t show up! How bloody rude of him. While Kate is worried for him she calls the Keep to see what’s kept him only to be easily dismissed and refused contact with him which makes everything clear for her. So she leaves and plans never to have anything to do with Curran (and the Pack) again. Kate gets on with her life over the next few weeks avoiding Currans phone calls and getting on with her job with Merciful Aid and dealing with a pandemic out break and then an old goddess shows with some deadly warriors and Kate has more just Curran to deal with.
While I really enjoyed Magic Bleeds I found it a little more angst ridden than I was anticipating and therefore didn’t enjoy it was much as I would have liked. I still thought it was a great book and was still dragged into the storyline, the characters and the plot but I was still plagued by sadness that came from the start of the story between Kate and Curran. It wasn’t tear-bursting sad but it saddened me for most of the book and although things were sorted I couldn’t shake that feeling of sadness, which really sucks as Magic Bleeds was a wonderful read for me. I really enjoyed seeing Kate still being her kick-ass self even after she feels like she’s been dumped by Curran and is totally miserable, she doesn’t sit at home getting drunk and waiting for him to call, nope she gets out her trusty saber and gets on with her job, keeping the world safe and finally meeting some of her family members.
While I loved this book for the whole Kate and Curran will they, won’t they theme I loved it even more to see more of Kate and her fucked up family and how she deals with it all. I really enjoyed how at the front of her mind when meeting her aunt was protecting Julie and making sure everything she did kept the kid safe. I felt that Magic Bleeds was a very active and kick ass story just like the previous book and I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next instalment!

Favourite Quotes:
“Do you need me to draw you a chart? You stood me up. You made me think there was something between us. You made me want things, things I thought I could never have, and then you crushed it. Don’t come near me, Curran. Don’t call. We’re done.”

(for some reason this is the only quote I marked, clearly I was that absorbed into the book!)

Overall, I loved Magic Bleeds and thought it was yet another brilliant addition to the series!