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Blood Bound  - Patricia Briggs I read Blood Bound back in April I think and totally forgot to review it and now here I am review all but the first book in the series. I really loved Blood Bound it’s so strange to think that Mercy has another admirer in Stephan. But there’s another point entirely, I really liked Blood Bound mainly because Mercy had to go and rescue all the guys for a change instead of them really having to rescue her. They’re big bad wolfs, and a vampire don’t ya know? But Mercy still has to go in an rescue her guys. Which I absolutely loved, however I wasn’t keen on learning more about the Coven and Marsilia, she seriously is whacked!

Favourite Quotes:
“The devout belief that the world is explainable is both a terrible vulnerability and a stout shield. Evil prefers it when people don't believe.”

“I'd pushed it out of the garage several years ago when Adam had complained about my mobile home spoiling his view. Then, every time he bothered me, I made it uglier. Right now it was missing three wheels and the rear bumper, all stored safely in my garage. Big red letters across the hood said FOR A GOOD TIME CALL followed by Adam's phone number. The graffiti had been Jesse's suggestion.”

Overall, it was a great book just to see Mercy do well on her own and have an insight to the vampires and learn more about Stefan.