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Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs Silver Borne is another great addition to the Mercedes Thompson series that I really enjoyed. The story picks back up with Mercy trying to take back the book she borrowed from Phin back in Iron Kissed, but Phin has gone missing and Mercy has to find him and there's also a problem within the pack that needs sorting out which is partly due to Adam mating Mercy and some of Adam's pack don't want Mercy to be a part of it.
Silver Borne I found to be one of those emotional topsy-turvy books with lots of ups and downs which I really liked. Mercy is still dealing with dating Adam instead of living with him as she's trying to be respectful to the pack however the pack aren't being all that respectful to her and want her gone. Samuel isn't himself and his wolf has taken over, I quite liked how Samuel in his wolf form gets called Sam and is more different from Samuel, it showed you how differently Ms Briggs writes her wolves compared to others, they aren't all happy dog type shifters which I think it quite refreshing. Most of Silver Borne really is about the Fae and that Phin has gone missing and that Gabriel gets kidnapped by the fae and Mercy needs to find them both, and someone from Samuel's past enters the group and might make a different to Samuel.

Favourite Quotes:
"And then Sam crawled out from under the bed."

Overall, I really liked Silver Borne I thought it was a really great book and it's one of the best in the series so far.