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Iron Kissed  - Patricia Briggs Iron Kissed was a pretty hard book for me towards the end with what Mercy went through with Tim and the rape and how it was Ben not Adam that realised what she was going through and tried to 'save' her in a way. I thought it was a pretty hard subject in the end of was it or wasn't it rape? And had she betrayed Adam. It was really sad to see Mercy that way. But it was also nice to see another side to Ben. I quite liked Iron Kissed it was an interesting read in the sense that it was humans instead of a supernatural creature causing chaos and problems for Mercy and her friends but I wasn't all that over interesting in learning more about the Fae although quite a lot of it was interesting it just didn't appeal to me as much as the previous books had. However, I enjoyed the change in the relationship between Mercy and Adam it gave Iron Kissed that really nice twist. That I definitely enjoyed a lot more.

Favourite Quotes:
"There were only a few feet between us, but the gulf of history was much larger: I'd loved him so much, once. I'd been sixteen and he'd been centuries older. I'd seen in him a gentle protector, a knight who would rescue me and build his world around me. Someone for whom I would not be an obligation, a burden, or a bother. He'd seen in me a mother who could bear his living children."

"I had to bite my lip to keep from saying something sarcastic like 'Now that was helpful' or Trying to keep the local carpenters in work?' When I get scared, my tongue gets sharp - which is not an asset around werewolves. Especially werewolves who are mad enough to take out doorways."

"When she was safely gone, I smiled to myself. She was right. There is something about having someone take care of you, even when you don't need it - maybe especially when you don't need it."

Overall, Iron Kissed was an interesting book that added another great layer to Mercy and Adam.