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My Wicked Enemy - Carolyn Jewel An interesting first book to the series. I read the fourth book first and was so interested in how the series started and who Nikodemus was that I just had to check out the first book.

Carson is a witch but she doesn't know it because her guardian, Magellan has been making her take tablets that suppress her powers. She sees Magellan kill someone and runs off into the city only to be found by Nikodemus, who plans on killing Carson or at least using her to get to Magellan because there's a war between the witches and fiends. Witches want to live longer and have more power and to do that they must take the soul of a fiend so witches and fiends are at war only Nikodemus can't kill Carson because there's something about her that calls to him.

I liked My Wicked Enemy for Nikodemus but I wasn't overly keen on the way Carson was portrayed but at least by the end she's a real kick ass chick!