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Wilder's Mate - Moira Rogers Wilder's Mate is a fun, playful, sexy read!
Wilder Harding is a bloodhound and he's been sent on a mission from the Guild to find Nathaniel who is a weapons inventor for the Guild. Only when Wilder goes to Nathaniel's place to meet Nathaniel's apprentice he is intrigued to find Satira, who refuses to let him look for Nathaniel without her help. Surprising Satira, Wilder lets her tag along going to the wastelands to track Nathaniel only to find he's been kidnapped by vampires and the longer the search goes on for the closer it gets to the full moon, Wilder knows he won't be able to stop himself from claiming Satira for his own whether she agrees or not.

I really enjoyed Wilder's Mate, it was an interesting spin on a paranormal romance for me and I was glad I finally read it. I loved both Wilder and Satira and thoroughly enjoyed their adventure from start to finish. Satira is a gusty little thing and I enjoyed following her on her adventure.

Favourite Quote:
"Who needs good judgement when you've got tits like that?"