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A Broken Bond (A Wolf Tracks Novel) - Stacey Kennedy Two years ago, Cash lost his mate and abandoned his Montana pack. Now, he has found a reason to return. Rylie, daughter of the Wyoming Alpha, life has been uprooted. In less than twenty four hours, she has discovered her mate, Layne, refused him, and watched him kill her entire family to claim her. And now, she is on the run. On her journey to free herself from Layne, destiny brings her Cash, a wolf determined to give her aid to right his wrongs. But how far will he go? When Rylie’s life is on the line, will he forget his pain to save her or will his loss seal her fate?

A Broken Bond is a bit of an anti-climatic read, or it was for me. By the end of the book I was expecting some action, fighting, blood-shed, some form of violence from the villain of the book but nada, nothing, he was just mean and creepy and sadly this ruined A Broken Bond for me a little. Other than that I thought A Broken Bond was a sweet, different, interesting read that I liked.