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Primal Attraction - Sydney Somers 2.5 stars!

A lethal huntress, Sorcha lives to track and eliminate rogue immortals—until her latest assignment turns out to be a sexy, gargoyle shape-shifter. From the start she’s shaken by the lust his touch awakens inside her. Not only that, but the cat is convinced she’s his mate, and for the first time, she’s unable to kill her target.
Still mourning the loss of his mate, Cale is stunned to find Sorcha alive. Yet the woman he aches to possess doesn’t recognize him and is after the only thing that will save his brother—a mystical weapon that will lead to Excalibur.
Determined to protect his family and reclaim his mate, Cale ruthlessly takes advantage of Sorcha’s one weakness—her desire for him. Desire that could unlock their past…or cause him to lose her all over again.

Sadly no matter how much I enjoyed the first book I couldn't get into Primal Attraction. My main problem was I couldn't connect with the heroine Sorcha, I found her to be annoying and too aggressive for my liking and Cale was a bit of an idiot too! However what kept me reading were the other character's involved in Primal Attraction which I really loved and thought they were well written. It's not that I didn't like the book or the storyline it's just I wasn't keep on the characters.

Overall, an interesting addition to the Pendragon Gargoyles.