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Primal Pleasure - Sydney Somers Emma is used to getting dragged into her twin sister's magical messes, but this time her predicament is more than a minor annoyance. She's chained to a cat shifter that her sister encased in a curse of stone. Worse, the unfortunate gargoyle's waking up. And her sister's not there to take the heat. After a century suspended in stone, Cian would do anything to get his hands on the sorceress who put him there. Strangely, his dreams of revenge turn into an animal hunger to put his hands all over her-in every delightfully wicked way imaginable. Never as talented as her sister, Emma doesn't trust her own magic. But for now she must let Cian believe she's the culprit in order to strike a bargain: to permanently lift the curse in exchange for his tracking skills to find her missing sister. The longer she is near him, though, the closer she comes to surrendering much more than her body to the brutal warrior. As their attraction catches fire, Emma dreads what could happen when he learns the truth. If he will sacrifice her to break the spell . . . or fight for a love that goes beyond animal instinct.

Oh my god! I loved Primal Pleasure! A seriously great read that was full of adventure, seduction and mistaken identity. Primal Pleasure was such a fun addictive read that I read it super quickly and even snapped at my boyfriend to leave me alone while I was reading it! Emma is such a great character constantly been mistaken for her twin sister Elena she always ends up cleaning up her sister’s messes after she gets dragged into them because Elena just wants her sister to have fun. Now she’s stuck tied to a cat shifter that’s in stone form, and she will be until either she manages to wake him up or convince his family that she’s not who they think she is. Only she does nothing but talk to Cian in his stone form and he magically comes to life and Emma is free. But instead of running away from Cian she takes pity on him and tries to help him only to end up tied to him again and he’s got more in his mind than revenge on the female that cursed him. Eventually Emma gets free but now she’s got more problems than her sister’s messes, luckily for her Cian isn’t letting her get away.
Seriously Primal Pleasure was a lot of fun to read and I imagine it was to write too! Cian is a great, sweet character who’s been trapped in stone for centuries and now he’s awake he’s in a time he doesn’t understand but the only thing that makes sense to him is Emma and he refuses to let her get away from him. I enjoyed the storyline between Emma and Cian and enjoyed seeing more about Emma’s family and Cian’s and their mates and how they’ve come along since there books.

Favourite Quotes:
“God, how many times would she get stuck with the crap end of the stick before she let Elena dig her own way out of trouble? Problem-solving just shouldn’t be that complicated for such an incredibly gifted sorceress.”

He dragged his shirt over his head and tossed it behind him. “Whoa there, Chippendale. Let’s keep this PG rated.”

Overall, I LOVED Primal Pleasure and I can’t wait for more books in this series to come out.