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Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch *Contains spoilers! You’ve been warned*

Marketing manager Katherine "Kitty" Katt steps into the middle of what appears to be a domestic dispute turned ugly. And it only gets uglier when the man turns into a winged monster, straight out of a grade-Z horror movie, and goes on a killing spree. Though Kitty should probably run away, she springs into action to take the monster down.
In the middle of the chaos a handsome hunk named Jeff Martini appears, sent by the "agency" to perform crowd control. He's Kitty's kind of guy, no matter what planet he's from. And from now on, for Kitty, things are going to be sexy, dangerous, wild, and out of this world.

Le sigh! I loved Touched by an Alien but I have no idea how to write this review to do it justice. Touched by an Alien had everything I could ever want in a book, it made me think the entire way through, it made me giggle, laugh and squirm. I sighed, I was shocked and mostly I just fell in love! Touched by an Alien is a brilliant read that even while reading it I couldn’t help but gush about it to my boyfriend and his brother (who was staying with us at the time) and read quotes to them. Kitty is an exceptional character that you can’t help but like and root for the entire way through the book, nor can you help but like and laugh at Jeff Martini and wonder about him and if he really is serious about the things he says to Kitty.
Kitty is just your average human woman, watching a husband and wife have a domestic dispute in the middle of the street only the husband then turns into a dangerous winged thing and Kitty can’t help but to leap into action with her trusty pen to take him down. Then she’s whisked away by Martini and other men from his agency, only they’re not what they seem and neither is her family. I pretty much adored Kitty’s parents who aren’t what they seem or even who Kitty thought they were which just makes it that much better. I loved the secondary character’s Christopher, Mr White, Reader, Gower, Lorraine and Claudia just to name a few. They’re all brilliant and I can’t wait to read more about them.
Touched by an Alien takes you on an epic adventure that never seems to stop and keeps you gripped the entire way throughout the book, unless I was stopping to read to gush to my boyfriend you really couldn’t drag me away from this book! I enjoyed it so much I went and ordered the second book straight away.

I feel I should point out that I have added a LOT of quotes and these aren’t all of the ones I marked while reading.

Favourite Quotes:
“I didn’t take my eyes off the pulsing thing on the man’s back as I dug through my purse and my fingers found my weapon – my heavy, expensive Mont Blanc pen. It had been a gift from my father when I’d gotten a promotion at work. I doubted this was what he hoped I’d use it for, but I wasn’t holding any other options.”

“You’d better hope she doesn’t slam that pen of hers into your groin when she comes to.”

He grinned. “I’d like a lot of kids,” he said to Mom. “But we’re still discussing it.” She sighed. “Ask her how often she has to get new fish before you make a final decision.”

“He pulled me closer, and I was so tired that I decided to ask about the double heartbeat I was hearing when I woke up.”

“I’m just thinking I’m staying in charge of this team,” I offered. “Apparently my two days is trumping your life’s work.”

“Typical evil overlord, sending his minions to do his dirty work. No worries, I’d just work my way through to him. Somehow.”

“Could you ask my father what kills snakes besides mongoose and bullets?”
“I live to serve.” Short silence this time. “Strangulation. Chopping off the head. Crushing the head. And, oh, really? How interesting. Boiling water apparently works as well.”
“We’re going to need a bigger plane, Mr White.”

Overall, I LOVED Touched by an Alien and can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series! A serious must read of paranormal and urban fantasy fans.