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Rush of Pleasure - Rhyannon Byrd I’m so sad this is the last book in the Primal Instinct series, but I’m happy that a new series will start so I guess it works out! Rush of Pleasure wasn’t at all what I expected but it was an enjoyable read. I found Noah and Willow to be an interesting couple with a bitter sweet past that drew you in and kept you addicted to what would happen between these two people. You know that he has Casus blood but you don't really know that much more about him from any of the previous books so Noah has always been an unknown entity within the Watchers. As Noah has always been slightly darker and more unpredictable because you never really knew if he was going to be taken over by a Casus. His relationship with Willow as childhood sweethearts reminded me of Romeo and Juliet as the family’s had a feud that was still going strong with Rush of Pleasure due to Willow’s family being Witches and Noah’s family possibly been taken over by Casus and being used for evil. When Noah goes back to his home town and he meets Willow again she isn’t the girl she once was she’s a grown woman and now a warrior which Noah isn’t quite sure how to take. And at times I felt Willow was trying too hard to prove she wasn’t the soft, innocent girl she used to be. That she was stronger now and Noah or anyone else would ever hurt her again.
A part from this I did really enjoy Rush of Pleasure and was glued to what would finally happen with Noah and I oh so enjoyed the twist that is explained at the beginning that tells you why Noah goes back to his old home town for answers.

Favourite Quote:
“And as Noah suddenly puller her onto his lap, kissing her as if he’d die without the taste of her lips against his, there was only one way Willow could think to describe the future...
Breathtakingly, mind-blowingly perfect.”

Overall, a great conclusion to a brilliant and totally enjoyable series, I would highly recommend this series never mind this book!