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The First Victim - J.B. Lynn I enjoyed reading First Victim, I enjoyed the writing style and the storyline, the plot, the twist towards the end, the characters, pretty much all of it except I didn’t feel the chemistry between Emily and Bailey was believable, it felt too forced and I struggled to accept them as anything more than friends with a shared past, I really wanted to but couldn’t but it didn’t ruin the book for me but I did wish some of their scene’s went quicker and may have skipped some of their sex scenes. However, I thought First Victim was a really gritty read with the Baby Doll Strangler and how the scenes with him were portrayed they were really grim and felt really realistic and make you wonder and think who he was and what his ultimate goal was. It was really quite great but my main problem with this was how many people knew the real identify of the Baby Doll Strangler and never came forward about it, I just found too hard to believe. Even Emily’s father suspected things and new things and never came forward and never said a word and although Emily didn’t have the best relationship with her father I still found it hard to believe that he wouldn’t or couldn’t be more supportive or helpful to Emily and her ordeal and even with the Strangler back and her sister in danger with bodies being dropped on their front door step. What I liked about Emily was the way she was written and how she changed once she was back on the town she was abducted from and it felt so real and something you could really believe that she was scared and worried and apprehensive about returning yet she wasn’t who she could be living away from her town and never knowing if she’d be safe again but I really loved the way Emily wasn't portrayed as a kick-ass heroine but as a real victim that was still dealing with what happened to her all those years ago.

Overall, I enjoyed First Victim and think other people would enjoy it who like romantic suspense and a good whodunit with a bit of romance thrown in