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The Shadow Wolf - Bonnie Vanak Gabriel is perhaps the most dangerous of all Draicon werewolves and hides a dark secret. He meets his match in Megan, a Draicon werewolf who turns invisible.
On the run from authorities, gutsy Megan Moraine knows shadow wolves like herself have no place in this world. But she's still prepared to do anything to protect her young charges. That resolve is tested when the trio is captured by Gabriel Robichaux. Everyone knows that Gabriel is a ruthless bounty hunter, a member of an elite group called the Enforcers. Why then is Megan so attracted to her enemy—a wolf who hunts his own people? A wolf whose languid, sexy drawl makes her dream the impossible?

The Shadow Wolf is the first book I’ve read in the Draicon Werewolves and although I enjoyed it I feel I would have benefited more if I had read the previous books in this series. Although I could follow the storyline very easily there were a few small parts where I wondered about things and expect they would have made more sense if I had read the previous books, as they related to previous characters and couples that obviously I knew nothing about.
The Shadow Wolf is a really interesting and different read from the standard paranormal werewolf’s romance and I liked that about. I found it more interesting and more gripping because I was learning different and new things along the way through the story and was enjoying the characters. Megan is a really sweet and different character that you can’t help but feel for and like, after everything she’s been through she’d do all of it again just to keep her charges safe and give them the life they deserve and the freedom they need. Just Megan’s plans are thwarted (or so she thinks) when she ends up in the hands of Gabriel. Gabriel is such a great messed-up alpha character that I couldn’t help but love him. He feels guilt for something from his past and can’t help but carry that guilt around with him and it makes him a great tortured hero but Gabriel also has two secrets, one is that he actually helps people like Megan and he’s not the cruel, merciless killer he’s been claimed to be, the second, well you’ll have to read the book for that one!
The Shadow Wolf was something new, fresh and different for me to try, although there were occasional moments in the book where you could tell what would happen next or what had happened and was about to be explained etc, etc, which sometimes happens and I don’t think it really had a negative effect on the book because of this.

Overall, The Shadow Wolf was an enjoyable read with an interesting twist on a werewolf tale.