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Kitty and the Midnight Hour  - Carrie Vaughn Like any other secret werewolf, Kitty Norville hates her dull "real world" job. Working as a night shift DJ at a Denver radio station, she craves excitement, not a steady diet of sappy song requests. Finally, in desperation, she introduces a new feature, a "midnight hour" on-air discussions about the existence of werewolves and vampires. Before she knows it, Kitty is fielding calls from dozens of vampires, werewolves, and witches. And then things really begin to get strange.

While I really wanted to love Kitty and the Midnight Hour, I sadly didn’t. That isn’t to say it’s a bad book because it isn’t it’s an interesting book with twists and turns and although some part are slow it all comes together nicely and keeps the reader wondering what will happen in the story and how everything will play out. While I enjoyed this I also found Kitty and the Midnight Hour to be rather sad and was expecting something a little more light hearted, more like Chicagoland Vampires really but that definitely isn’t what you get here. The wolf side of Kitty and other like her and constantly fighting a battle with their werewolf side to stay human and act human, it gets worse the closer you get to a full moon and the more frequently you change. Because of Kitty’s change she’s not been able to tell her family what’s happening with her real life and they’re worried about her and she’s worried about herself. Her pack isn’t all the nice really but she doesn’t see that because she’s been taught to be a submissive wolf and until her human life starts to change then so does her wolf which causes problems within her pack. Kitty and the Midnight Hour is an enjoyable book and I think the rest of the series will be too. However, although I enjoyed Kitty and the Midnight this isn’t really the series for me, yet I may dip my toe in time to time because I did like Ms Vaughn’s writing style and her characters are truly great but as I’m not really an urban fantasy girl at heart I can honestly say I’m glad I tried this book and think many other will enjoy Kitty and the Midnight Hour and this series because it is really interesting the way Ms Vaughn writes her werewolves and the world she’s created for them.

Favourite Quotes:
“So, Cormac, have you ever had to deal with PMSing werewolf?”
“Well, it’s a real bitch...”