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What a Goddess Wants  - Stephanie Julian 3.5 Stars

It's OK no one remembers Etruscan Sun goddess Tessa. But when a demon threatens her life, she must turn to mythology's darkest warrior for protection. Caligo of the Cimmerians has never met a woman as warm, sunny and inviting as Tessa. Their sizzling mutual attraction quickly sweeps the two of them into a love story that's worthy of the gods.

I decided to read What a Goddess Wants because of all the fabulous reviews it had been getting and What a Goddess Wants is only the second book I’ve ever read by Stephanie Julian and I highly enjoyed it. All the reviews I had read for What a Goddess Wants really hit the point with how enjoyable this book is. I loved Tessa, I thought she was a fantastic character that you couldn’t help like and feel for. She has a really interesting life before and after being worshipped by people and she may not be physically strong enough to deal with the monster after her but she’s emotionally strong and as I already said a great character. I didn’t like Caligo to start with but he slowly start to grow on me and by the end of the book I really loved him and was totally routing for his HEA because he defiantly grows and changes as the story goes along and I quite liked that. Because although Caligo has a soft spot for women in trouble he really is a bit of an arse and needs Tessa in his life to bring him into the real world and show him what life is really about. As he’s quite a selfish character in some ways and not in other ways it’s quite interesting really to try and understand him. It becomes easier as you make your way through the book and see how he is with Tessa. I enjoyed the glimpses we had of the other Goddess who might be threatened once Tessa is dead or safe, I wish we got a little more on them but what you did see was teaser enough to intrigue the reader into reading more of the series, well me at least.

Favourite Quotes:
“He wanted to pound on his chest like Tarzan at the obvious concern in her expression, but he managed to contain the barbarian instinct.”

Overall, I really enjoyed this first book in this series and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series (due out 1st December 2011) and seeing how this series grows.