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Darkness at Dawn - Elizabeth Jennings Darkness as Dawn has a really interesting and different beginning that quite shocked me and I was undecided whether or not to keep reading or to just stop, however it took me so long I was still reading it and continued. I’ll state this up front Darkness at Dawn starts off with a rather interesting but gruesome death that kick starts the whole ordeal for Mike and Lucy and what they are facing and what they have to deal with. Lucy lost both her parents when she was a child living in Nhala, they were undercover CIA pretending to be anthropologist’s and having a child helped them with their cover, Lucy saw her parents gunned down when they tried protecting the palace of Nhala and she’s never been back since but something awful is happening in Nhala now and she’s been asked by the Princess to help study a document to prove whether a madman is right or wrong and Lucy’s only back up is Army Captain Mike Shafer. When Mike first see’s Lucy he doesn’t think she’ll be able to do or get the job done but the head of CIA knows better and believes Lucy can do this, invade the palace and try and find the disease that killed another agent and a village before it is brought to America and wipes out the major cities and population. Darkness at Dawn is an interesting read that is more thriller/suspense than romance. The romance element of the book felt a long time coming even though the attraction between Lucy and Mike is pretty instantaneous and is teased out throughout the book, I’m not saying this was a bad element but I just felt that there was too much mystery and suspense in the book than there was real romance and towards the last 90% of Darkness at Dawn the action really kicks up another notch and that possibly has to be my favourite section of the book which makes me a little sad because that’s really only a small fraction of the book.

Favourite Quotes:
Before Mike, she’d never really thought to seek comfort and strength from someone else. Mike’s touch was fictitious, the embrace of a man playing a role. And yet even that was delicious, a bulwark against the world.

The Nhalans believed that some people – mothers and their children, lifelong lovers, close friends – have bits of their souls embedded in each other, so that over time you become a little bit your loved one.

Overall, I liked Darkness at Dawn it was a very different type of romantic suspense for me to read and I enjoyed reading a different side of the suspense genre.