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Dangerous Passion - Lisa Marie Rice Previously read 1st November 2009.

Dangerous Passion is another ebook I've read before and decided to re-read due to it being the winner on a goodreads August group read for Dangerous Hero Support Group and I gave it the same rating before as well. I really enjoy the story between Drake and Grace. Drake is a really tough, macho guy but his weakness is Grace and it's so great to see how different he is when he's with her and how he wants to protect her and care for her. I think Dangerous Passion is a really great book but the villain in the story gets a rather large portion of the book and I dislike that and wish the guy who helps the villain got his comeuppance as well but that's never resolved within the book you just have to hope Drake gets him or someone else does because of his greed. Otherwise it's a really fabulous story.