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Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison I thoroughly enjoyed Storm's Heart (although I knew I was going too!) Tricks is a truly brilliant character and after the short introduction we get of her in Dragon Bound it was clear most people were going to like her. Tricks story wasn't exactly what I imagined, I thought it would be more about her being the Queen of the Dark Fae instead of what's happened since she left the safety of the Wyr and her journey to becoming Queen and trying to stay alive. It's still a really great story and I think it's an even greater story because Tricks has Tiago who'll do anything to keep her safe, protect her and help her become Queen and not try and take her position of power away from her. I especially liked the twist because I really didn't know who the bad guys were, who wanted to kill Tricks. Also it was a really interesting set-up for the next instalment in the series.