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Sheltering Hearts - Robyn Carr Robyn Carr's story in More Than Words is Sheltering Hearts and is dedicated to Rhonda Clemons who founded the Zoe institute. The Zoe institute offers educational programs through support groups to help women kick negative relationship patterns with abusive partners and boyfriends and choose healthy relationships down the road.

Clay Kennedy has just moved in next door to Dory Finn and her two children Sophie and Austin. All Dory wants is to get enough money to pay the bills, raise her children and give aid at the Zoe institute to help struggling single mother's like herself. She doesn't have time for men even the nice new neighbour next door, but Clay just can't help but keep trying with Dory and her children and helping out any way he can.

Clay is the quintessential nice guy, happy to help out his next door neighbour who's a busy single mother. Sadly, Dory's too busy to date a guy like Clay. Although Clay gives up asking Dory out he doesn't give up trying to help her out when she clearly needs it. With a car that keeps breaking down, two children to look after and all the overtime she can get Dory doesn't have much free time and although she appreciates Clay's help he's a total stranger but Clay hangs in there trying to help out and eventually wins Dory over.

This was such a sweet short read. I would have liked it to be much longer but under the circumstances as it was part of an anthology I was prepared for it to be short, at only 75 pages short it was much shorter than I was expecting but still a lovely kind, sweet read. Although it's part of the Virgin River series it can be read out of sequence because there really isn't much mention to any of the other characters besides Mel and it's a short appearance.