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Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian It feels like forever since the last Midnight Breeds book came out and I’ve been super excited like many people for Deeper Than Midnight because the next book in the series will the Chase Sterling’s and I have a serious crush on him although after reading Deeper Than Midnight my crush has lessened just a little although because of Chase’s behaviour, but I digress because we’re not really here to talk about Chase, alas I really wish we were and we will be coming back to that point in a little while.
I wanted to love Deeper Than Midnight because it was Hunter’s book and he’s a really great character in the past few books he’s been in (three or four I’m not quite sure) and I’ve really been looking forward to his book (after Chase’s of course!) but as soon as I found out Hunter was going to be paired with Corinne I felt a little deflated. I liked Corinne, after everything she went through at the hands of Dragos and his people she isn’t broken, she may be scared and not know the world around her but she hasn’t given up hope of being reunited with her family and trying to rebuild her life. However, Corinne isn’t what I imagined Hunter would need in a female, I thought Hunter would get a strong female not necessarily a kick-ass female but one who knew how to look after herself and was more aware about the world, partly because until Hunter met The Order he’d lived without really knowing the world and it felt in some ways that Hunter was been given a female version of himself (without all the killer training) and had to look after Corinne and be her protector which I just felt got tiresome at times. Also she was a bit whiny and repetitive at times about what she wanted to find. She was also quite disillusioned at times. Apart from this I felt Hunter and Corinne’s story was quite good and enjoyable however I did feel that a great deal of Deeper Than Midnight was dedicated to preparing the reader for Chase’s book which is out next year and I felt very divided about how much of the overall storyline was given to Chase and how much was left over to Hunter and Corinne, and thus might serve to why I was slightly disappointed with Hunter and Corinne’s storyline.

Favourite Quotes:
But she kissed his ear again. “Everything you’ve done.” She told him, the words a breath in his ear. “Just made you stronger.”

“Safe in the arms of the most lethal man she’d ever known.”

Overall, I did enjoy Deeper Than Midnight and how it continued to extended the overall storyline of Dragos and The Order’s battle. I really would recommend this series but you really have to start this series at the beginning.