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Curran, Vol. II: Fathers and Sons  -  Ilona Andrews, Gordon Andrews The second volume of Curran POV takes place after the events of MAGIC BLEEDS. Infuriated by Kate’s treatment at the hands of the Pack, the Beast Lord demands an explanation. When words fail, claws and fangs must do the talking.

I got Fathers and Sons for free from here and you should too or buy it from Amazon, it’s super cheap. Either way it’s a great read. Fathers and Sons is mainly about Curran and Mahon, but it also involves the Alphas of the Pack. It basically takes off after Curran wakes up and goes from there, and it’s such a lovely scene really, to know how happy Curran is that Kate stayed with him and looked after him and then to realise that his Pack doesn’t have his back, well Curran is beyond furious and is out for intimidation or blood and he gets both. Mahon hasn’t been a big part of the Kate Daniels series so it was nice in a way to get to see him, however it was quite sad that because Mahon didn’t approve of Kate he didn’t stop the other alphas from sending 22 of there people to try and take Kate out.
The different between Fathers and Sons and Curran is that there are 3 parts from Kates POV and then one between Kate and Curran which was really nice!

Favourite Quotes:
“The sudden silence was deafening. Oh yes, Daddy is home and he ain’t happy. Playtime was over.”

“Mahon wasn’t my father, but I was his son.”