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The Ideal Man - Julie Garwood I’m super glad I received a copy of The Ideal Man from Netgalley because I really enjoyed it. I found The Ideal Man to have everything a good romantic suspense should have and I thoroughly enjoyed Julie Garwood’s writing style as I have never read anything by her before and am now intrigued enough to try something else by her. I adored Ellie; I thought she was a totally wonderful character that had been through so much since she was eleven years old and had never given up hope of having a normal life and putting all the bad things behind her but so far she hasn’t been able to do that and has always been looking over her shoulder, afraid. Now Ellie has something else to worry about. While out on a jog after work Ellie witnesses an FBI agent being shot and ends up attached to the case although she can’t identify who shot the FBI agent she’s still entangled with the case and finds herself a target for murder for what little she did see. Enter Max the FBI agent who first thought Ellie was one of the kids playing soccer while the shooting happened, after Max realises Ellie is a fully grown adult it’s lust at second sight and Max really wants to get Ellie into bed and protect her at the same time. Max is convinced Ellie would be no use against the Landrys that Ellie ends up flying home for her little sister (Ava’s) wedding. But Max got it wrong and now he’s the only agent who can protect Ellie while she’s home for her sister’s wedding until everything is cleaned up. The Ideal Man has three storylines running throughout the book that all closely interwove and bring the story together which I really loved. First you have what happened to Ellie when she was younger and what is still going on in her life, second you have the shooting that Ellie saw and third you have Ellie’s sister’s wedding. I enjoyed how all these three parts of the story worked together and made the whole story. I enjoyed Ellie and Max separate and together I thought they were great characters that were truly well written. I even enjoyed the secondary characters Ben (Max’s FBI partner) and his pregnant wife Addison and Ellie’s family. However what I didn’t like was Ellie’s little sister Ava whose wedding she had been forced home to attend. She was a truly awful character, not that she wasn’t written well just that she was in a sense a sort of villain who thought throughout that she was the victim in everything that happened and everything was Ellie’s fault and through most of the story once Ellie returned home I just wanted to cause bodily harm to Ava. Saying she annoyed me is putting it mildly and although I can see why she was written this way I didn’t truly enjoy it.

Favourite Quote:
She couldn’t resist. “Gee, I don’t know. I hate to miss soccer practice.”

Overall, I greatly enjoyed The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood, so much so that I plan to buy my own copy of the book! And try other books by her.