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Skin Dive (Skin, #4) - Ava Gray Gillie is a fugitive. She has the scars to prove her long-term incarceration, but it’s the kind of story that would land her in another cell if she tried to present it to the authorities. Now that she’s free, she’s determined never to be bound again. She has a powerful healing gift—and a fierce resolve never to use it, unless it’s her choice. Taye is keeping a powerful secret. He cannot remember everything about his past, but he knows he used to be homeless, one of the crazy-tinfoil-hat-wearing brigade. He knows his own family threw him away when he became too much trouble. He also knows he has a limited amount of time to make sure Gillie gets the life she’s always wanted. It just hurts because he can’t be a part of it. Because his ability is killing him, and there’s nothing he can do about it. But he’s determined not to seduce her, and to do one thing right before he dies–save Gillie Flynn. But she’s busy making plans of her own.

Favourite Quotes:
“Thanks to Heron, thanks to everyone who fought and died, the survivors could live without fear for the first time since the experiments began.”

I read the first two books in the Skins series and was really intrigued with the glimpses of Gillie and Taye, therefore decided to skip the third book to get to Gillie and Taye’s story. I will eventually get back to the third book. Gillie and Taye’s story however lovely was rather anti-climatic after their escape I felt. I was annoyed at the start of the story where there was the tension between Gillie and Taye after they escaped and were trying to make a new life for themselves yet Taye was resisting Gillie and it just didn’t work for me and from then onwards I had trouble viewing Taye as being worthy for Gillie because of his idiotic behaviour and attitude towards Gillie’s feelings for him. I felt at times Taye was causing more problems for himself than he really had and was using them as an excuse to keep himself away from Gillie however, I enjoyed seeing how Gillie grew as a person and managed to live her life even though she loved and missed Taye in her life. Yet it was Taye who had to make the decision to change as Gillie had. At the end I think Skin Dive was a nice conclusion to the overall series.