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The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter Forced to his knees in agony whenever he speaks the truth, Gideon can recognize any lie—until he captures Scarlet, a demon-possessed immortal who claims to be his long-lost wife. He doesn’t remember the beautiful female, much less wedding — or bedding — her. But he wants to . . . almost as much as he wants her. But Scarlet is keeper of Nightmares, too dangerous to roam free, and a future with her could mean ultimate ruin. Especially as Gideon’s enemies draw closer . . . and the truth threatens to destroy all he’s come to love.

First I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Deanna for holding a Lords of the Underworld month because it really motivated me to get back into this series as I had gotten a few books behind and kept meaning to catch up but just never seemed to and as soon as Deanna mentioned she was going to spend September reading all the Lords of the Underworld books I knew I wanted to read a long with her from where I’d stopped reading before. The Darkest Lie is the first book in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter that I’ll have reviewed here on Swept Away Again but I am a big fan of the series and have been reading the books since they first came out as I am a big fan of Ms Showalter’s work.
The Darkest Lie brings another interesting and exciting instalment to the Lords of the Underworld, I’ve never been a particularly big fan of Gideon in the past partly because I’ve often found myself confused with his lie-speak when he’s been talking so I was unsure how his book would turn out but as usual Ms Showalter did a great job and by the end of the book I was a big Gideon fan and was pleased with his HEA.
There are quite a few things going on throughout The Darkest Lie like the previous books there is more to the storyline than just the hero and heroine which is one of the many things I enjoy about Ms Showalter’s work, how she can write such an interesting main storyline yet not get the reader bogged down with the other storylines that are ongoing throughout the series and how she prepares the reader for the next hero and heroines book as well. An example of this is the Hunters with Galen, Paris never ending misery (come on 2012!), what’s happened with Legion, the Titan gods and let’s not forget Amun and Strider who get the next two books and all the other Lords in the house and their females!
But back to what The Darkest Lie is all about Scarlet and Gideon, I liked Scarlet from the get-go and so did not expect the interesting twists in her storyline! It really kept me gripped to the edge of my seat and I hardly put the book down I was so engaged. Scarlet has been so much but she’s an amazingly strong woman, who has a lovely gooey centre that’s mainly for Gideon to see and no-one else and she can kick ass just as well as any of the Lords and is possessed by the demon Nightmares. As I stated above I wasn’t a big Gideon fan before this book but with him being partnered with Scarlet I think really helped you see Gideon in a new light he wasn’t so tough and all about the lies with Scarlet, right from the get go you slowly start to see a softer side to Gideon with Scarlet and I really enjoyed that. What I loved the most without giving away any spoilers was surprisingly Gideon and Scarlet’s demons and how they interacted and how this enabled Gideon and Scarlet’s relationship, it was so nice and really made the book for me!

Overall, a great addition to a series I already love! I’m excited to read Amun’s story (The Darkest Secret) partly to get to Strider’s story The Darkest Surrender which is out today or 1st October if you live in the UK and possibly Europe.