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Noah - Jacquelyn Frank Paranormal Romance
Nightwalkers #5
1st September 2008
2 Stars
As Demon King, Noah is dedicated to protecting his kind from their human and Nightwalker enemies. Yet for six months he has struggled with vivid dreams that threaten his very sanity. Every night he's tormented by images of a woman both achingly real and tantalisingly beyond his grasp. And his bone-deep need leaves him no choice but to force her to leave the life she's known and enter a world beyond her imagining.Every day, Kestra risks her life in perilous missions that veer just shy of the law, but she instinctively knows that the imposingly sensual figure before her is a danger unlike any she's ever faced. Kestra has sworn never to trust or need another man, but Noah's lightest touch scorches her with fevered desire, branding her as his mate, blinding them both to the terrifying truth. For within ranks of their own people lies an adversary growing in number and power. And nothing and no one will be safe again.

Well... what can I say? To be blunt and to the point I really didn’t like Noah. It just didn’t work for me at all and I felt so let down when reading Noah. For starters the three previous books that I’ve read in the series (yes I missed out book 3 and read the others) Noah comes off as a truly great and interesting character and I know that when the characters are to meet their mates there’s all that funny business with the moon and sending them mad twice a year and them acting out of character but not only did Noah seem out of character he seemed like a different character all together! Which didn’t work for me and how the heroine, Kestra managed to accept everything in the Nightwalker world didn’t work for me and I struggled to accept the storyline. Really this would have been a total DNF for me except that Noah provided us with lots of information about the other characters from previous books and the next book to come that I had to stick with it just to find out what would happen with them. However, I may end up reading Adam which is out 25th October but only because Jasmine has intrigued me on and off throughout the series but I’m still undecided if I want to give this series a third try!