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Spirit Bound - Christine Feehan Spirit Bound is Christine Feehan’s second book in her Sister’s of the Heart series which is a spin-off of sorts from Ms Feehan’s Drake Sister’s series.
Spirit Bound is a follow on from Water Bound which while I enjoyed it I didn’t love it and think that should have been a clue for me on how I was going to react to this series. I usually really enjoy Ms Feehan’s books but I’ve been struggling with her Sister’s of the Heart series and although I didn’t have any problems with reading Water Bound I did have several problems with Spirit Bound. Halfway through the book I was very tempted to DNF it because of the hero. Stefan is the third Prakenskii brother to be brought in to the two series’ and quite frankly I HATED him! I really loved the first brother, then quite liked Levi (Water Bound) but massive, series issues with Stefan!
First Stefan became obsessed with Judith from another man’s pictures of her then he stalked ‘followed’ her and took a disguise to meet her and then lied to her for most of the book, when he started to come clean he didn’t tell her everything then he started drugging her so he could go out to find the bad guy. Which he thought was acceptable! Then continued to lie to her and put her and her sisters in danger. And thought that he could use sex to convince Judith not to leave him and then try all the lovely dovey crap to get her to forgive him! At times I didn’t think very highly of Judith either because she let Stefan get away with his behaviour for most of it, mainly just because of their ‘connection’!
At the end of the book I felt very ‘meh’ towards it and I have a feeling how the next book in the series is going to go and am unsure if I plan to read anymore of the Sisters of the Heart series. I feel rather sad by this as if it wasn’t for the hero I could have really enjoyed this book. But I’m wondering is Ms Feehan spreading herself too thin these days on so many series that her books aren’t what they used to be? Am I holding my expectations too high with this series in comparison to her Drake Sister’s series? Are my expectations of what a real hero should be wrong? Or is it something else that I’m just not getting?!