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Night Reigns - Dianne Duvall Didn't read the first book, wasn't interested in the sample I downloaded from Amazon Kindle so jumped straight to the second book and am so glad I did. Ami and Marcus were great characters that I greatly enjoyed and I didn't feel as though I'd missed any major plot points by not reading the first book!

Dianne Duvall is a new to me author and I am happy to say I really enjoyed her writing and storytelling. I didn't feel as though there were any holes in her paranormal romance and everything flowed brilliantly. Night Reigns although about Marcus and Ami didn't focus solely on them, you got to see the villains of the story as well as many of the other characters that help form the Immortal Guardians and their seconds which I think helps set up the next up coming books but also helps you to see the group of Immortal Guardians and how they may all be different they need each other.

I am super excited to read the next book due out 2012!