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Mortal Danger - Eileen Wilks Didn't wow me like the first book did, but I enjoyed the character development with Lily & Rule & more Cullen time!
However I didn't enjoy the, let's call it the weirdness, that took up a good percentage of the book. I had trouble seeing how this moved the series along in some aspects but it does let you know, but not in the same way Tempting Danger did. Which I think was my problem as i preferred the first book! While there was a climax to the near ending of the book I felt a little let down with the actual ending. It was a little too neat and tidy for my liking but this could be because some of the next book has more to do with Cullen & his lady than with Lily & Rule (guessing from the blurb of the next book) but I could be proven wrong & a new storyline may feature.
Although not everything from Tempting Danger was wrapped up in Mortal Danger so the story arc may continue unless I'm over analysing!
Great to see a few new characters & some of the previous ones too! Looking forward to reading the next book & also worrying how things may develop!