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Purity in Death - J.D. Robb Brilliant!

Purity in Death finds our heroine on an assignment that leaves her even more tormented by the past. When a deadly computer virus is unleashed on society's undesirables (namely, child abusers), it's up to Eve -- along with her astonishingly handsome husband, Roarke; her feisty aide, Peabody; e-geek McNab; and her mentor, Captain Feeny -- to discover the origins of the virus and shut down the clandestine vigilante group that created it before the next target is marked for execution.
Eve's task is complicated further as she grapples with her demons (as a child-abuse victim, it was a matter of survival that led Eve to kill her father) and squares off with Roarke, who does not regard the group's intentions as inherently bad. Once again, she must muddle through those gray areas of right and wrong as she seeks to "stand for the dead," and answer the question of whether the group is justified in its actions, or whether they simply represent a new breed of terrorist.
I can't believe the last time I wrote a review for the In Death series was Glory in Death (the second book) back in February 2011! I'm now on my fifthteenth in the series and it just goes from strength to strength with each book. I have found one of two with story lines that I haven't been overly keen on but, on the whole I've massively been enjoying the series.
I found Purity in Death to take you on such an emotional journey and to be a real tear-jerker to boot. I constantly went from Oh Eve, Oh McNab, Oh Feeny, Oh Mavis, Oh Peabody, Oh McNab again throughout the whole book.
Purity in Death really shows how Eve's little team have turned into one happy little family and of course like any family there will be the occasional drama but you couldn't expect anything less from these delightful characters. Purity in Death stood out to me the most because of the characters this time. Although the murder mystery part of it was wonderful it was the characters that had me hooked within each page this time around. I had to keep myself from flicking forward at times to find out if Eve would be able to deal with Roarke's ideals no matter how much they differed from hers. What would happen with McNab and Peabody? It was PAINFUL at times to not sneak a peak but at other's I was so glued to the story that I couldn't pull away to take a peak even if I wanted too!