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Visions of Skyfire - Regan Hastings DNF-ing this book!

I really enjoyed the first book, Visions of Magic, but the heroine in Visions of Skyfire really, really annoyed me! There's a background to this one too, but it runs through the series about witches who died after they did something bad and now they're being reincarnated to fix the wrong they did. But they're not alone, they have a mate/protector called an Eternal. Although the witches have been reincarnated the Eternals haven't. But they can recognise there partner, and there's a deep sexual tension between the two. In Visions of Skyfire Teresa is all up for using the sexual tension to boost her powers with Rune but after that she wants nothing to do with him. She was hot and cold for ages, even though she knew ALL the background about who and what she was. She wasn't taken by surprise about who Rune was and what she was. She was very know it all but wouldn't accept Rune. It was very annoying and frustrating and I really disliked Teresa behaviour of having sex with Rue but then wanting nothing to do with him or from him.