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Wilder - Christina Dodd This is the final installment of The Chosen Ones series. The previous book Chains of Fire was released in 2010 so it was a two year wait before Wilder was released. I have to say that after following the series I never expected Aleksandr and Charisma to be a match. In previous books there never seemed to be any chemistry between them other than a firm friendship that the whole group shared with each other, so I was quite surprised that these too were put together. Not that they didn't go well together but I guess I presumed that other than Isabella and Samuel everyone else would get a seperate book and a new hero and heroine. Which turned out not to be the case, so while I was expecting a 6 book series I got a 5 book series and a two year gap.
While I'm glad there was finally a conclusion to the series I'm a little sad about how the storyline went, because there is a series before this one that links the Wilder family and how Aleksandr is 'fit' to be a Chosen One. So I put in a lot of reading time and a few years into these two series and I feel a little like the payout wasn't as much as I had expected.
Aleksandr is lost, believed dead by some or turned by others yet the Chosen Ones still fight even though they know that if all seven of them aren't present for the final battle Evil will win and the world will become something different. I don't want to give too much away about this storyline because I think you have to read the whole series as I don't think Wilder would be a good stand-alone book because there's too much background and important information if you don't at least start with the first book Storm of Visions.
Charisma is a great character, Aleksandr get's the redemption he seeks and as a reader I finally get a conclusion to a series I was fond of, but it's not what I hoped it would be.