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Work Your Wardrobe: Gok's Gorgeous Guide to Style That Lasts

Work Your Wardrobe: Gok's Gorgeous Guide To Style That Lasts - Gok Wan Style supremo and every woman's best friend, Gok Wan knows how important it is for a woman to look and feel her best. In his fantastic new style bible Gok breathes new life into your existing wardrobe, showing you how to transform the basics we all have into a fabulous new look. You will love your look without breaking the bank balance.

"I am fabulous and deserve to look this good." Is Goks mantra for every woman because he really thinks we're worth it.

Gok Wan is a style supremo and every woman's best friend. Here in the UK Gok hosts a TV makeover series How To Look Good Naked, and he also presents Gok's Fashion Fix. He's released two books previous to this How To Look Good Naked and How To Dress. He's also just released his autobiography Through Thick and Thin and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Work Your Wardrobe is Gok's way to helping every woman feel her 'beautiful best everyday!' He's on about reviving your wardrobe without having to go and spend more money on new clothes that may stay in the back of your wardrobe until next winter. He talks about what he thinks are chic classics that every woman will already have in her wardrobe whether she's a young teen upto and including being a fabulous fiftysomething and how to make them work for you.

I adore how Work Your Wardrobe is broken down into sections. To make finding items easier, there's also a directory at the back of the book and a where to buy list which makes it more fun and interesting!

Chic Classics
* The White Shirt
* Jeans
* Trousers
* Tops
* Dresses Skirts
* Jackets and Coats
Elegant Extras
* Shoes and Boots
* Jewellery
* Bags, Belts and Scarves
Timeless Style
* Trends: Spring/Sumer
Trends: Autumn/Winter
Simply Gorgeous
* Beauty
* Gok's Mini Mantras

My least favourite chapter is chic classics, it stated things I'd already learned from Gok's previous book How To Look Good Naked, but I did like the savy saver and savy shopper help tips and the tips on where to buy certain items. But I loved everything else in Work Your Wardrobe.

Work Your Wardrobe is great if you need a helping hand to pick basic clothes to start off your wardrobe, it gives great helpful tips on how you could then expand on the basics and jazz them up with accessorsies and how to finish all off with some make-up. It would make a great gift for any friend or female family member and it's also a great gift to ask for (with it soon approaching christmas!)